Folded binding tape fused with filler


Folded binding tape with filler is stiffened form of standard binding. Folded binding tapes are used in customer's products, whenever it is essential to stiffen part of the garment, for example cuffs or shirt's collar, so it is durable but still flexible enough. Our continuous fusing machines joins fabric with the filler and then it folds the binding. We fuse fabrics in roll up to 900mm width which we prepare earlier bias, straight or crosswise. Fabric prepared this way, rolled up in beams or cut to required widths, can be used at once for further manufacturing. We manufacture folded binding tape in size and fold type due to customers order. If you require us to make folded binding tape of your material or you need finished product, our sales and development team are here to work with you at each step.

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Sample of folded binding tape:

For customers out of łódzkie voivodeship, we offer Communication possibility. This service is exercised on the same day, after phone reservation. We guarantee high efficiency, quality and speed of our services. Courier shipments are available also for customers from abroad. Deliveries can be made using GLS or DPD delivery service.

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