Piping also known as welt or welting. Piping is a cord covered with fabric and inserted into a seam, or used as an edge finish. The covering can be cut on the straight grain or bias, depending on the use. Straight grain cut is used mainly in upholstery. Piped trim applied to curved areas have to be cut on the bias; piping used on straight seams or edges may be cut on straight grain. Bias cut allows piping to easily shape a curve keeping a smooth, unwrinkled line. In piping fabric is stiched or fused snugly around a filler cord. You can use piping between two layers of fabric to highlight or accent the seamlines. We can provide You a variety of fabric colours, so you can easily match piping to your product. We have many colours of fabric in stock, thus we are able to guarantee short delivery time. On our website you can find coloristic patterns.

We manufacture pipings of various kinds. We are the first and still the only producer of piping with decorative stitch.


  • Satin piping
  • Cotton piping
  • Brocade piping
  • Artificial leather (leatherette) piping
  • Lamè piping
  • Twin (double) piping
  • Ornamental (decorative) piping
  • Bistor piping
  • Glued piping
  • Serrated (cut edge) piping
  • Piping with decorative stitch

Please contact us with any questions about your specific project or unique pattern of corded piping. Our experienced and helpful team are looking forward to hearing from You! Service combined with extensive knowledge and an ethos of traditional good service. This combination of technical skills and customers focus gives you peace of mind in Your dealings with us.

We offer pipings in rich coloristic and design. In order to acquire following original coloristi patterns, please contact our office.

Coloristic pattern satin

Coloristic pattern cotton

Coloristic pattern artificial leather

Coloristic pattern artificial leather 2

For customers out of łódzkie voivodeship, we offer Communication possibility. This service is exercised on the same day, after phone reservation. We guarantee high efficiency, quality and speed of our services. Courier shipments are available also for customers from abroad. Deliveries can be made using GLS or DPD delivery service.

Contact us for further details of all services that we can offer, and how your company’s requirements can be supplied.