Cutting with hot knife and heat sealing repp tapes

We offer you crosswise or slantwise cutting with hot knife repp tapes into pieces of required length with heat sealed borders. Repp tape cut into pieces with hot knife is used in manufacturing military clothing and equipment, uniforms, workwear, bags, bagpacks and wide range of products. We cut repp tape delivered from customers. Our company is equipped with professional machines which measure and cut repp tape with an electrically heated, compressed air driven knife. This machine can measure and cut small or large quantities of repp tape up to 60mm wide in optional length and produce consistently accurate lengths and high quality cuts. If you require us to cut with hot knife your repp tape, our sales and development team are here to work with you at each step.

Please contact our office with any questions about your specific project.

For customers out of łódzkie voivodeship, we offer Communication possibility. This service is exercised on the same day, after phone reservation. We guarantee high efficiency, quality and speed of our services. Courier shipments are available also for customers from abroad. Deliveries can be made using GLS or DPD delivery service.

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