We offer waistband with logo, which you can design according to your requirements. Freely chosen logo, inscription or picture can be printed, woven or jacquard. We can also enrich logo tape with decorative stitch (AMF, Columbia), satin piping or restraining elastic. Logo on tape can be made in wide range of colors. Logo waistbands is recommended for companies, which want to consolidate their hold on the market or willing to enter the market with strongly emphasized brand. If you require us to make logo waistband of your material or you need finished product, our sales and development team are here to work with you at each step.


Please contact our office with any questions about your specific project.

We are able to produce waistband according to customer's pattern. Due to professional instrumentation, we are able to guarantee our customers quick terms of realization, punctuality and high quality. We are prepared to sew waistbands of customer’s material, which allows our customer to have waistband and, for example, pockets made of the same fabric

Among our abundant collection of suit and shingle additions, You can find all kinds of tapes for strengthening stitches, tapes (charmeuse) for pockets hemming, double fusible stay tapes etc. We invite You to other products section to introduce our additional assortment.