Artificial leather piping

Leatherette piping is used in a wide range of products. We can provide you a variety of leather colours so you can easily match piping to your product.

We have many colours of artificial leather in stock and we stay in touch with fabric's wholesaler, thus we are able to guarantee short delivery time. On our website you can find coloristic pattern of leather. We manufacture both stiched and glued leather piping in requested size. Leatherette piping is used in clothing industry, mainly for leather wear. Leatherette piping is also good match for wide variety of products. Leatherette pipings are used mainly in upholstery, as decorative element of furniture, garden furniture, various kinds of footwear and many more.

Please contact our office with any questions about your specific project.

We manufacture different kinds of piping:

SEAMED – seamed piping made of artificial leather is durable and recommended for products where thread matches the whole look of finished product.

GLUED - glued leather piping is used when it is necessary that seam after sewing can not be visible in finished product.

SERRATED - serrated edge makes it flexible. Our leather piping can be applied to twisting edges without wrinkling up the fabric.

- WITH DECORATIVE STITCH - leatherette pipings can be additionaly enriched with decorative stitch in any color (AMF, Columbia).


Whether you require us to make leather piping of your material or you need finished product, our sales and development team are here to work with you at each step.

We offer pipings in rich coloristic and design. In order to acquire following original coloristic patterns, please contact our office.

Coloristic pattern of leather

For customers out of łódzkie voivodeship, we offer Communication possibility. This service is exercised on the same day, after phone reservation. We guarantee high efficiency, quality and speed of our services. Courier shipments are available also for customers from abroad. Deliveries can be made using GLS or DPD delivery service.

Contact us for further details of all services that we can offer, and how your company’s requirements can be supplied.